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Data source: AI analysis of Numberphile YouTube video titles
Additional Info: I asked a large language model, 'On a scale of 1-10, how _______ do you think this YouTube video title is?' for every video.

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How 'hip and with it' Numberphile YouTube video titles are correlates with...

VariableCorrelationYearsHas img?
Wind power generated in Latviar=0.911yrsYes!
The number of coaches and scouts in Utahr=0.8812yrsYes!
The number of physical therapists in Georgiar=0.8412yrsNo
Patents granted in the USr=0.8110yrsYes!
Google searches for 'is pluto a planet'r=0.8113yrsYes!
Solar power generated in Romaniar=0.7411yrsNo
Number of times 21 was a winning Mega Millions numberr=0.413yrsNo

How 'hip and with it' Numberphile YouTube video titles are also correlates with...

VariableCorrelationYearsSys. Score
The number of accountants and auditors in Kentuckyr=0.8912yrs262
The number of mobile heavy equipment mechanics in South Carolinar=0.8812yrs260
The number of landscape architects in Illinoisr=0.8612yrs227
The number of transportation, storage, and distribution managers in Iowar=0.8612yrs217
The number of veterinary technologists and technicians in Mainer=0.8612yrs207
The number of chiropractors in Marylandr=0.8512yrs197
The number of welders in Montanar=0.8612yrs187
The number of public relations specialists in New Yorkr=0.8612yrs177
Automotive recalls issued by Ford Motor Companyr=0.7712yrs168
Google searches for 'male pattern baldness'r=0.8213yrs168
The number of wastewater treatment plant operators in Kansasr=0.8612yrs167
CVS stock price (CVS)r=0.7413yrs163
Duke Energy's stock price (DUK)r=0.7613yrs163
Pfizer's stock price (PFE)r=0.7413yrs160
The number of logging equipment operators in Floridar=0.8512yrs156
Customer satisfaction with Twitterr=0.7210yrs156
Google searches for 'how to immigrate to norway'r=0.6613yrs154
Customer satisfaction with Delta Airlinesr=0.711yrs154
Number of edits to the Wikipedia article for Elon Muskr=0.6812yrs154
McDonald's American Customer Satisfaction Index Scorer=0.6812yrs153
Patents granted in the USr=0.7910yrs152
Customer satisfaction with LinkedInr=0.710yrs152
Average milk produced per cow in the USr=0.6512yrs148
Popularity of the first name Lenar=0.8412yrs148
Renewable energy production in Vanuatur=0.811yrs148
Number of edits to the Wikipedia article for Justin Trudeaur=0.6312yrs147
Gasoline pumped in Surinamer=0.811yrs146
Ticket sales for Los Angeles Dodgers gamesr=0.779yrs142
Popularity of the 'minions' memer=0.713yrs142
FA Cup final goal differencer=0.7711yrs142
Automotive recalls for issues with the Electrical Systemr=0.6312yrs142
Automotive recalls issued by BMW of North Americar=0.612yrs142
Sales of Top-Selling Comic Book to North American Comics Shopsr=0.749yrs140
xkcd comics published about astronomyr=0.713yrs140
Popularity of the 'red pill blue pill' memer=0.6913yrs140
Detroit Tigers' American League Rankingr=0.7412yrs139
Cost to send a letter via the USPSr=0.712yrs139
Annual Revenue of Walt Disney Companyr=0.7112yrs138
Wins for the Los Angeles Dodgersr=0.7213yrs138
Patents granted to LG Electronicsr=0.7312yrs138
Season wins for the Buffalo Billsr=0.7213yrs137
Ticket sales for San Diego Padres gamesr=0.739yrs136
The number of movies Julie Andrews appeared inr=0.7913yrs135
Global Apple iPhone Sales in Q3r=0.738yrs134
The number of paralegals in Mississippir=0.8610yrs132
PPG Industries' stock price (PPG)r=0.7313yrs128
The number of biolmedical engineers in Oregonr=0.888yrs121
Google searches for 'spurious correlations'r=0.7913yrs119
American Express Company's stock price (AXP)r=0.7213yrs117
Solar power generated in Angolar=0.7711yrs114
The number of librarians in District of Columbiar=0.868yrs108
Sempra's stock price (SRE)r=0.7213yrs107
Wind power generated in Denmarkr=0.7711yrs104
Google searches for 'white house hotline'r=0.5913yrs102
The number of personal financial advisors in Missourir=0.859yrs98
Kimberly-Clark's stock price (KMB)r=0.7113yrs96
Biomass power generated in Italyr=0.7711yrs94
Google searches for 'fbi hotline'r=0.5613yrs88
Discover Financial Services' stock price (DFS)r=0.713yrs84
Petroluem consumption in Algeriar=0.7911yrs84
Google searches for 'how to hide a body'r=0.5613yrs78
Genuine Parts Company's stock price (GPC)r=0.713yrs74
Kerosene used in Mexicor=0.89yrs74
Google searches for 'tummy ache'r=0.713yrs66
Hydopower energy generated in Equatorial Guinear=0.7611yrs62
Toyota Motor's stock price (TM)r=0.6913yrs62
Google searches for 'highest paying jobs'r=0.713yrs56
Biogen's stock price (BIIB)r=0.6913yrs52
Solar power generated in Bulgariar=0.7511yrs51
Google searches for 'best colleges'r=0.713yrs46
ONEOK's stock price (OKE)r=0.6913yrs42
Wind power generated in Puerto Ricor=0.7511yrs41
Google searches for 'how to annex texas'r=0.713yrs36
Gasoline pumped in Micronesiar=0.7711yrs31
Novartis AG's stock price (NVS)r=0.6813yrs31
Google searches for 'humble pi'r=0.713yrs26
Liquefied petroleum gas used in Tajikistanr=0.7711yrs21
Amgen's stock price (AMGN)r=0.6813yrs21
Google searches for 'i have a headache'r=0.5713yrs16
Petroluem consumption in Turkmenistanr=0.7711yrs11
Cheniere Energy's stock price (LNG)r=0.6813yrs11
The number of optometrists in Ohior=0.8512yrs2
Capital One Financial's stock price (COF)r=0.6813yrs1
DTE Energy Company's stock price (DTE)r=0.6813yrs-9
Wind power generated in Tunisiar=0.7411yrs-10
The number of epidemiologists in Marylandr=0.8512yrs-10
The Coca-Cola Company's stock price (KO)r=0.6413yrs-20
The number of financial services sales agents in Nebraskar=0.8512yrs-20
Wind power generated in Bulgariar=0.7311yrs-22
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals' stock price (REGN)r=0.6713yrs-30
The number of insurance sales agents in South Dakotar=0.8512yrs-30
Electricity generation in Gibraltarr=0.7311yrs-32
Dominion Energy's stock price (D)r=0.6713yrs-40
Solar power generated in Greecer=0.7311yrs-42
Solar power generated in Libyar=0.7311yrs-52


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You caught me! While it would be intuitive to sort only by "correlation," I have a big, weird database. If I sort only by correlation, often all the top results are from some one or two very large datasets (like the weather or labor statistics), and it overwhelms the page.

I can't show you *all* the correlations, because my database would get too large and this page would take a very long time to load. Instead I opt to show you a subset, and I sort them by a magic system score. It starts with the correlation, but penalizes variables that repeat from the same dataset. (It also gives a bonus to variables I happen to find interesting.)
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