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Data source: Golden Gate Weather Service
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Rainfall in San Francisco correlates with...

VariableCorrelationYearsHas img?
The number of printing press operators in Rhode Islandr=0.9113yrsYes!
The number of preschool special education teachers in Missourir=0.8811yrsYes!
How nerdy OverSimplified YouTube video titles arer=0.867yrsNo
Votes for Libertarian Senators in Alabamar=0.856yrsNo
The number of first-line supervisors of police and detectives in Oregonr=0.8213yrsNo
Air quality in Carbondale, Illinoisr=0.787yrsNo
Global annual sales of the Xbox 360r=0.7510yrsNo
Master's degrees awarded in Theology and religious vocationsr=0.7110yrsYes!
The marriage rate in Connecticutr=0.723yrsNo
The number of pipelayers in Kansasr=0.6818yrsNo
Votes for Republican Senators in Idahor=0.5615yrsNo
Petroluem consumption in Guamr=0.5242yrsNo
Air quality in Salinas, Californiar=0.4643yrsNo
Average number of comments on Casually Explained YouTube videosr=-0.868yrsNo

Rainfall in San Francisco also correlates with...

VariableCorrelationYearsSys. Score
How good Technology Connections YouTube video titles arer=0.788yrs147
How provocative Computerphile YouTube video titles arer=0.7510yrs144
The marriage rate in Massachusettsr=0.6623yrs133
Bankruptcy filings in the USr=0.5724yrs132
Number of home runs hit by Matt Kempr=0.6615yrs130
Hydopower energy generated in Serbiar=0.616yrs124
Kerosene used in Germany, Westr=0.6411yrs122
Google searches for 'how to get to antartica'r=0.5619yrs121
Customer satisfaction with HuffPostr=0.6111yrs120
Popularity of the first name Dakodar=0.4537yrs119
Google searches for 'cia hotline'r=0.5219yrs118
Customer satisfaction with Walmartr=0.4727yrs115
Motor vehicle thefts in New Mexicor=0.4938yrs115
Votes for Libertarian Senators in Alabamar=0.816yrs115
Adrian Wilson's tackle countr=0.5912yrs114
Air quality in Klamath Falls, Oregonr=0.5236yrs113
The number of chefs and head cooks in Illinoisr=0.7320yrs110
How provocative MinuteEarth YouTube video titles arer=0.7210yrs110
Votes for Libertarian Senators in Nevadar=0.6811yrs110
US average milk-fat content of cream productsr=0.667yrs109
Total Goals Scored by Craig Bellamy in Club Football by Seasonsr=0.5217yrs108
The number of movies Reese Witherspoon appeared inr=-0.5832yrs108
Google searches for 'Johnny Depp'r=0.4719yrs107
Season wins for the Los Angeles Chargersr=0.766yrs106
The marriage rate in New Jerseyr=0.5723yrs104
Bachelor's degrees awarded in consumer sciencesr=0.5510yrs102
Tesla's stock price (TSLA)r=0.512yrs99
xkcd comics published about puzzlesr=0.4716yrs98
The number of loan interviewers and clerks in Montanar=0.720yrs96
Median Weekly Earnings of Self-Employed Workers in the UKr=0.5311yrs94
Season wins for the Jacksonville Jaguarsr=0.4728yrs94
Popularity of the 'harambe' memer=0.497yrs94
The average age of batters for the Colorado Rockiesr=0.4530yrs92
Bachelor's degrees awarded in Precision productionr=0.4710yrs90
How professional-sounding LEMMiNO YouTube video titles arer=0.6411yrs89
Liquefied petroleum gas used in Montenegror=0.5716yrs86
The number of genetic counselors in Massachusettsr=0.811yrs77
Career regular season goals scored by Sidney Crosbyr=0.4621yrs76
Jet fuel used in Uzbekistanr=0.4730yrs75
Total likes of AsapSCIENCE YouTube videosr=0.611yrs73
The marriage rate in Floridar=0.5623yrs73
Votes for Democratic Senators in Hawaiir=0.5717yrs70
Google searches for 'how to build a lightsaber'r=0.4519yrs68
The number of childcare workers in Oklahomar=0.7813yrs66
Air pollution in Cleveland, Tennesseer=0.5318yrs66
Liquefied petroleum gas used in Saint Kitts and Nevisr=0.5122yrs63
The marriage rate in Oregonr=0.5623yrs63
How fun PBS Space Time YouTube video titles arer=0.678yrs60
The number of forensic science technicians in New Hampshirer=0.7515yrs54
Air quality in Carbondale, Illinoisr=0.657yrs54
The divorce rate in Utahr=0.5423yrs52
How clickbait-y SciShow Space YouTube video titles arer=0.659yrs48
Wind power generated in Samoar=0.68yrs46
The number of special education teachers in Californiar=0.7611yrs41
How geeky OverSimplified YouTube video titles arer=0.647yrs35
The marriage rate in Pennsylvaniar=0.523yrs34
The number of computer network architects in Delawarer=0.7611yrs31
Wind power generated in Seychellesr=0.569yrs31
How fun 'Be Smart' science YouTube video titles arer=0.6210yrs25
The marriage rate in Michiganr=0.4923yrs22
Kerosene used in Former Czechoslovakiar=0.589yrs20
The number of conservation scientists in Marylandr=0.6919yrs18
The marriage rate in Rhode Islandr=0.4823yrs11
The number of dentists in Nebraskar=0.6819yrs8
How insightful Technology Connections YouTube video titles arer=0.598yrs8
Petroluem consumption in Hawaiian Trade Zoner=0.567yrs6
The marriage rate in Virginiar=0.4823yrs1
The number of ushers in Nebraskar=0.6818yrs-2
Gasoline pumped in Hawaiian Trade Zoner=0.567yrs-4
How fun LockPickingLawyer YouTube video titles arer=-0.918yrs-9
The marriage rate in Wisconsinr=0.4823yrs-9
The number of occupational therapy assistants in Vermontr=0.7411yrs-12
Jet fuel used in Hawaiian Trade Zoner=0.567yrs-14
The divorce rate in Connecticutr=0.4723yrs-19
How professional-sounding Technology Connections YouTube video titles arer=0.528yrs-22
The number of cooks, short order in Iowar=0.6720yrs-24
The marriage rate in Hawaiir=0.4723yrs-30
The average number of likes on Extra History YouTube videosr=0.4911yrs-34
The number of cooks, short order in Ohior=0.6720yrs-44
The number of computer user support specialists in Nebraskar=0.7211yrs-55
Total likes of Extra History YouTube videosr=0.4811yrs-55
The number of payroll and timekeeping clerks in Californiar=0.6520yrs-66
How provocative SciShow Space YouTube video titles arer=0.499yrs-66
The number of secretaries in South Dakotar=0.6913yrs-76
How nerdy CGP Grey YouTube video titles arer=0.4612yrs-77
How professional-sounding CGP Grey YouTube video titles arer=0.4612yrs-87
How professional-sounding PBS Space Time YouTube video titles arer=0.488yrs-98


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You caught me! While it would be intuitive to sort only by "correlation," I have a big, weird database. If I sort only by correlation, often all the top results are from some one or two very large datasets (like the weather or labor statistics), and it overwhelms the page.

I can't show you *all* the correlations, because my database would get too large and this page would take a very long time to load. Instead I opt to show you a subset, and I sort them by a magic system score. It starts with the correlation, but penalizes variables that repeat from the same dataset. (It also gives a bonus to variables I happen to find interesting.)
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