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Data source: Caclculated using Astropy
Additional Info: I wrote a Python script using Astropy to calculate the distance between the named planets on the first day of each month for every year.

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The distance between Neptune and Uranus correlates with...

VariableCorrelationYearsHas img?
Number of internet usersr=124yrsNo
Master's degrees awarded in Health professions and related programsr=110yrsNo
US production of cheese (other than cottage cheese)r=122yrsNo
Global annual electricity generationr=118yrsNo
Wind power generated in Japanr=130yrsNo
Bachelor's degrees awarded in Mathematics and statisticsr=0.9910yrsNo
Google searches for 'tummy ache'r=0.9920yrsNo
Inflation in the USr=0.9831yrsNo
Google searches for 'i am dizzy'r=0.9820yrsNo
US Wind Power Generation Capacityr=0.9823yrsNo
Italian-type cheese consumptionr=0.9827yrsNo
Wind power generated in Germanyr=0.9831yrsNo
US GDP per capitar=0.9814yrsNo
Nuclear power generation in Russiar=0.9730yrsNo
Google searches for 'i have a headache'r=0.9720yrsNo
Adidas Group's Global Net Salesr=0.9723yrsNo
Annual Revenue of the Lego Groupr=0.9720yrsNo
Google searches for 'do i need to go to the doctor'r=0.9720yrsNo
The Coca-Cola Company's stock price (KO)r=0.9722yrsYes!
WEC Energy Group's stock price (WEC)r=0.9722yrsYes!
Liquefied petroleum gas used in Russiar=0.9730yrsNo
Wind power generated in New Zealandr=0.9730yrsNo
Wind power generated in Switzerlandr=0.9726yrsNo
Google searches for 'highest paying jobs'r=0.9620yrsNo
Popularity of the 'red pill blue pill' memer=0.9618yrsNo
Dollar Tree's stock price (DLTR)r=0.9622yrsNo
Yum! Brands' stock price (YUM)r=0.9622yrsYes!
Wind power generated in Francer=0.9629yrsNo
Popularity of the first name Gwendolynr=0.9648yrsNo
McDonald's stock price (MCD)r=0.9622yrsYes!
Average length of Computerphile YouTube videosr=0.9611yrsNo
Colgate-Palmolive Company's stock price (CL)r=0.9622yrsNo
Wind power generated in United Statesr=0.9639yrsNo
The number of physician assistants in Michiganr=0.9620yrsNo
Associates degrees awarded in gender studiesr=0.9611yrsNo
Cummins' stock price (CMI)r=0.9622yrsYes!
Electricity generation in Zambiar=0.9542yrsNo
Total likes of The Game Theorists YouTube videosr=0.9515yrsNo
Cognizant Technology Solutions' stock price (CTSH)r=0.9522yrsYes!
Annual US household spending on pets, toys, and hobbiesr=0.9523yrsNo
Crown Castle's stock price (CCI)r=0.9422yrsYes!
Royal Bank of Canada's stock price (RY)r=0.9422yrsNo
Wind power generated in United Kingdomr=0.9434yrsYes!
Gender pay gap in the U.S.r=0.9432yrsNo
Biomass power generated in El Salvadorr=0.9442yrsYes!
Diageo's stock price (DEO)r=0.9422yrsYes!
The number of truck drivers in New Yorkr=0.9413yrsNo
American Tower's stock price (AMT)r=0.9422yrsYes!
Starbucks' stock price (SBUX)r=0.9322yrsNo
Hydopower energy generated in Zambiar=0.9342yrsNo
Novo Nordisk's stock price (NVO)r=0.9322yrsYes!
SAP SE's stock price (SAP)r=0.9322yrsYes!
General Mills' stock price (GIS)r=0.9222yrsNo
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals' stock price (REGN)r=0.9222yrsYes!
Geothermal power generated in Kenyar=0.9241yrsYes!
Total length of SmarterEveryDay YouTube videosr=0.9117yrsYes!
Biomass power generated in Polandr=0.9142yrsNo
Biomass power generated in Indonesiar=0.929yrsNo
CVS stock price (CVS)r=0.922yrsYes!
ONEOK's stock price (OKE)r=0.8922yrsYes!
Ryanair Holdings' stock price (RYAAY)r=0.8922yrsNo
Pioneer Natural Resources Company's stock price (PXD)r=0.8922yrsYes!
Average length of Matt Parker's YouTube videosr=0.8713yrsNo
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals' stock price (ALNY)r=0.8719yrsYes!
Southern Copper's stock price (SCCO)r=0.8622yrsYes!
Annual US household spending on alcoholic beveragesr=0.8523yrsNo
FedEx's stock price (FDX)r=0.8522yrsNo
Chevron's stock price (CVX)r=0.8422yrsYes!
ICICI Bank's stock price (IBN)r=0.8422yrsYes!
Archer-Daniels-Midland Company's stock price (ADM)r=0.8322yrsYes!
Automotive recalls issued by Keystone RV Companyr=0.8325yrsYes!
Valero Energy's stock price (VLO)r=0.8222yrsYes!
Biomass power generated in Russiar=0.7630yrsNo
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce's stock price (CM)r=0.7522yrsNo
Air quality in Prescott, Arizonar=0.6943yrsNo

The distance between Neptune and Uranus also correlates with...

VariableCorrelationYearsSys. Score
Gasoline pumped in Liberiar=0.9542yrs429
Annual Revenue of Walt Disney Companyr=0.9732yrs426
Number of households headed by single fathers in the United Statesr=0.9532yrs422
Ticket prices at North American movie theatersr=0.9922yrs420
U.S. direct investment abroadr=0.9922yrs418
US milk fat used to produce cheese (excluding cottage cheese)r=122yrs418
Economic output of Washington metro arear=0.9921yrs416
US dairy skim solids used to produce cheese (other than cottage cheese)r=122yrs416
Cost to send a letter via the USPSr=0.9617yrs413
Total Revenue of the NFL Teamsr=0.9720yrs412
Global Net Sales for Walmartr=0.9717yrs408
Global revenue generated by Adidasr=0.9617yrs407
Patents granted to Dellr=0.9911yrs406
Canadian National Railway Company's stock price (CNI)r=0.9722yrs404
Patents granted to Toyotar=0.9512yrs400
GMO use in cottonr=0.9823yrs399
Annual US household spending on fresh fruitsr=0.9923yrs398
Realty Income's stock price (O)r=0.9722yrs394
Liquefied petroleum gas used in Malir=0.9934yrs387
US production of sour creamr=0.9822yrs385
Google searches for 'i am tired'r=0.9620yrs384
Eversource Energy's stock price (ES)r=0.9722yrs374
US production of butterr=0.9622yrs372
Liquefied petroleum gas used in Togor=0.9735yrs365
Chubb's stock price (CB)r=0.9622yrs362
US production of dry milk products (net)r=0.9622yrs362
Revenue of US Broadcasting Industryr=0.9817yrs355
Biomass power generated in Singaporer=0.9632yrs354
Becton, Dickinson and Company's stock price (BDX)r=0.9622yrs352
US milk fat used to produce butterr=0.9622yrs352
Google searches for 'reddit'r=0.9916yrs352
Apple's annual net incomer=0.9618yrs348
Biomass power generated in Uruguayr=0.9632yrs344
Number of Public Library Members in the UKr=0.9912yrs343
Butter consumptionr=0.9632yrs340
Google searches for 'how to go to space'r=0.9520yrs340
Sempra's stock price (SRE)r=0.9622yrs332
Paypal's Number of Active Registered User Accountsr=0.9813yrs331
Milk-fat consumptionr=0.9632yrs330
Google searches for 'my cat scratched me'r=0.9716yrs329
Organic Food Sales Volume in the United Statesr=113yrs326
US dairy skim solids used to produce butterr=0.9622yrs320
Google searches for 'how to learn python'r=0.9617yrs318
Fossil fuel use in Eritrear=0.9828yrs312
Global Apple iPhone Sales in Q3r=0.9612yrs312
US dairy skim solids used to produce dry milk productsr=0.9622yrs310
Google searches for 'instagram'r=0.9813yrs308
US per-person consumption of bottled waterr=0.9924yrs303
Brown-Forman's stock price (BF.A)r=0.9622yrs302
Solar power generated in Germanyr=0.9631yrs302
US dairy skim solids used to produce yogurt, nonfrozenr=0.9522yrs299
Google searches for 'whatsapp'r=0.9614yrs296
Hormel Foods' stock price (HRL)r=0.9622yrs292
Biomass power generated in Irelandr=0.9729yrs292
Google searches for 'restaurant near me'r=0.9713yrs286
Biomass power generated in Slovakiar=0.9729yrs282
Novartis AG's stock price (NVS)r=0.9522yrs280
Hispanic cheese consumptionr=0.9826yrs276
The Travelers Companies' stock price (TRV)r=0.9622yrs270
Wind power generated in Canadar=0.9530yrs270
Mozzarella cheese consumptionr=0.9727yrs266
CGI Inc.'s stock price (GIB)r=0.9522yrs250
Natural cheese consumptionr=0.9827yrs250
Church & Dwight Co.'s stock price (CHD)r=0.9522yrs240
Gasoline pumped in Turkmenistanr=0.9730yrs240
US Bottled Water Consumption per Personr=0.9924yrs234


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You caught me! While it would be intuitive to sort only by "correlation," I have a big, weird database. If I sort only by correlation, often all the top results are from some one or two very large datasets (like the weather or labor statistics), and it overwhelms the page.

I can't show you *all* the correlations, because my database would get too large and this page would take a very long time to load. Instead I opt to show you a subset, and I sort them by a magic system score. It starts with the correlation, but penalizes variables that repeat from the same dataset. (It also gives a bonus to variables I happen to find interesting.)
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