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Data source: US Social Security Administration
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Popularity of the first name Malika correlates with...

VariableCorrelationYearsHas img?
Customer satisfaction with Macy'sr=0.8316yrsYes!

Popularity of the first name Malika also correlates with...

VariableCorrelationYearsSys. Score
Per capita consumption of margariner=0.9210yrs291
Violent crime ratesr=0.7138yrs253
Customer satisfaction with Verizonr=0.828yrs250
Biomass power generated in Jamaicar=0.8242yrs248
Kerosene used in Chiler=0.8443yrs248
Customer satisfaction with Frontier Communicationsr=0.7728yrs246
How professional-sounding 3Blue1Brown YouTube video titles arer=0.878yrs246
Carjackings in the USr=0.8327yrs240
Gasoline pumped in Mauritaniar=0.7942yrs240
Ticket sales for Colorado Rockies gamesr=0.8127yrs231
NASA's budget as a percentage of the total US Federal Budgetr=0.6348yrs230
Motor vehicle thefts in Louisianar=0.8138yrs228
Frozen yogurt consumptionr=0.8132yrs222
Gasoline pumped in Turkiyer=0.7843yrs210
Consumption of dry whole milk productsr=0.7232yrs208
Customer satisfaction with Walmartr=0.7127yrs206
The wind speed in Anchorager=0.6839yrs204
Kerosene used in Belgiumr=0.7939yrs197
Air pollution in El Centro, Californiar=0.7343yrs196
Air quality in San Francisco, Californiar=0.7143yrs194
Arson in Pennsylvaniar=0.7638yrs190
Remaining Forest Cover in the Brazilian Amazonr=0.6536yrs190
Air quality in Clinton, Iowar=0.7337yrs190
Petroluem consumption in Djiboutir=0.7642yrs186
Google searches for 'how to immigrate to canada'r=0.7319yrs186
Car crashes in the USr=0.7524yrs184
Motor vehicle thefts in Tennesseer=0.7538yrs179
Customer satisfaction with gas stationsr=0.6627yrs178
The number of movies Chadwick Boseman appeared inr=0.819yrs178
Jet fuel used in Malawir=0.7642yrs176
Ticket sales for Los Angeles Angels gamesr=-0.6845yrs176
Ticket sales for Detroit Tigers gamesr=-0.6545yrs172
The number of property association managers in Massachusettsr=0.8120yrs172
The number of OSHA specialists in South Carolinar=0.8119yrs172
Number of Registered Vehicles in the USr=-0.7832yrs171
Gasoline Prices in the USr=-0.7433yrs171
The number of tire repairers and changers in Colorador=0.820yrs171
US household spending on used carsr=0.7823yrs171
Processed cheese consumptionr=0.6927yrs169
Motor vehicle thefts in Indianar=0.7438yrs168
Annual count of part-time employees in the United Statesr=-0.7433yrs168
Number of households headed by single fathers in the United Statesr=-0.7432yrs168
Number of registered Yamaha motorcycles in the UKr=-0.8522yrs168
The number of movies Sally Field appeared inr=0.5547yrs168
xkcd comics published about geographyr=0.7616yrs167
Gasoline pumped in North Macedoniar=0.8430yrs166
Total Sales at Clothing and Accessories Storesr=-0.7131yrs166
Popularity of the 'this is fine' memer=0.7417yrs166
Global revenue generated by Adidasr=0.7817yrs165
NASA's budget appropriationr=0.5348yrs164
The average number of likes on SmarterEveryDay YouTube videosr=0.716yrs163
Google searches for 'smol'r=0.7319yrs161
Number of highschoolers in the USr=-0.8333yrs160
Number of public school students in 11th grader=-0.8333yrs160
Google searches for 'buy a house'r=0.7219yrs160
The marriage rate in Colorador=0.7123yrs160
Air quality in Corpus Christi, Texasr=0.6843yrs159
Robberies in Louisianar=0.7438yrs158
Kerosene used in Saint Kitts and Nevisr=0.7642yrs156
Air quality in San Antonio, Texasr=0.6843yrs149
Motor vehicle thefts in Wisconsinr=0.7338yrs146
Gasoline pumped in Germanyr=0.8232yrs144
The number of industrial production managers in West Virginiar=0.820yrs141
Air quality in Greeley, Colorador=0.6743yrs138
Robberies in Marylandr=0.7338yrs136
Kerosene used in Philippinesr=0.7542yrs134
Ticket sales for Arizona Diamondbacks gamesr=0.7122yrs131
Yogurt consumptionr=-0.832yrs130
The number of industrial production managers in Arizonar=0.7820yrs128
Air quality in Rutland, Vermontr=0.7235yrs127
Arson in Nebraskar=0.7238yrs124
Kerosene used in Sudanr=0.7442yrs122
The number of opticians in Kentuckyr=0.7820yrs118
Air pollution in Ithacar=0.7132yrs116
Motor vehicle thefts in Minnesotar=0.7238yrs114
Revenue of US Broadcasting Industryr=0.7617yrs112
Petroluem consumption in Uzbekistanr=0.8130yrs111
The number of training and development managers in Illinoisr=0.7819yrs107
Air pollution in St. Marys, Pennsylvaniar=0.7333yrs106
Global annual electricity generationr=0.7418yrs105
Motor vehicle thefts in Floridar=0.7138yrs103
Jet fuel used in Zimbabwer=0.7342yrs101
The number of construction laborers in Massachusettsr=0.7720yrs96
Air quality in Payson, Arizonar=0.735yrs94
Robberies in Hawaiir=0.7138yrs93
Petroluem consumption in Azerbaijanr=0.830yrs90
Air quality in Kennewick, Washingtonr=0.6837yrs83
Kerosene used in Dominican Republicr=0.7242yrs80
Arson in Rhode Islandr=0.6938yrs80
Air quality in Vallejo, Californiar=0.6343yrs72
Gasoline pumped in Eritrear=0.8228yrs70
Robberies in Kansasr=0.6938yrs70
Gasoline pumped in Colombiar=0.7142yrs58
Motor vehicle thefts in Pennsylvaniar=0.6838yrs58
Gasoline pumped in Guinea-Bissaur=0.7142yrs48
Motor vehicle thefts in Oregonr=0.6738yrs47
Gasoline pumped in Spainr=0.743yrs38
Motor vehicle thefts in Virginiar=0.6738yrs37
Robberies in Texasr=0.6738yrs27
Arson in North Carolinar=0.6638yrs16


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You caught me! While it would be intuitive to sort only by "correlation," I have a big, weird database. If I sort only by correlation, often all the top results are from some one or two very large datasets (like the weather or labor statistics), and it overwhelms the page.

I can't show you *all* the correlations, because my database would get too large and this page would take a very long time to load. Instead I opt to show you a subset, and I sort them by a magic system score. It starts with the correlation, but penalizes variables that repeat from the same dataset. (It also gives a bonus to variables I happen to find interesting.)
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