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Data source: US Department of Agriculture
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Per capita consumption of margarine correlates with...

VariableCorrelationYearsHas img?
The divorce rate in Mainer=0.9910yrsYes!
Popularity of the first name Bobbyr=0.9910yrsNo
UK Public Library Countr=0.997yrsNo
Popularity of the first name Spencerr=0.9810yrsNo
The number of prepress technicians and workers in Illinoisr=0.987yrsNo
Popularity of the first name Coryr=0.9810yrsNo
Popularity of the first name Heatherr=0.9710yrsNo
Burglaries in New Yorkr=0.9710yrsNo
Popularity of the first name Sabrinar=0.9710yrsNo
Kerosene used in Portugalr=0.9710yrsNo
Popularity of the first name Anner=0.9710yrsNo
The number of bellhops in Pennsylvaniar=0.967yrsYes!
Milk consumptionr=0.9610yrsNo
Popularity of the first name Nikitar=0.9610yrsNo
The divorce rate in South Carolinar=0.9610yrsNo
The marriage rate in Ohior=0.9610yrsNo
Kerosene used in Uruguayr=0.9510yrsNo
The marriage rate in South Carolinar=0.9510yrsNo
The divorce rate in Iowar=0.9510yrsNo
The marriage rate in West Virginiar=0.9510yrsNo
Popularity of the first name Conorr=0.9510yrsNo
The distance between Neptune and the Sunr=0.9410yrsNo
Arson in Floridar=0.9410yrsNo
The divorce rate in Texasr=0.9310yrsNo
Kerosene used in Chinar=0.9310yrsNo
The number of musicians in Virginiar=0.937yrsNo
Liquefied petroleum gas used in Eswatinir=0.9210yrsNo
Pfizer's stock price (PFE)r=0.918yrsNo
Motor vehicle thefts in New Yorkr=0.9110yrsNo
Popularity of the first name Laurelr=0.8910yrsNo
The number of crane operators in Wisconsinr=0.887yrsNo
Runs scored by the San Francisco Giantsr=0.8710yrsNo
The number of movies Dwayne Johnson appeared inr=0.8710yrsNo
Customer satisfaction with JCPenneyr=-0.9310yrsNo

Per capita consumption of margarine also correlates with...

VariableCorrelationYearsSys. Score
The divorce rate in Michiganr=0.9710yrs403
The divorce rate in Ohior=0.9710yrs403
Gasoline pumped in Naurur=0.9610yrs398
Jet fuel used in Zimbabwer=0.9610yrs398
Burglaries in Connecticutr=0.9910yrs392
Popularity of the first name Darianr=0.9910yrs383
Popularity of the first name Shelbier=0.9910yrs383
Remaining Forest Cover in the Brazilian Amazonr=0.9510yrs374
The divorce rate in New Hampshirer=0.9610yrs372
Air pollution in Santa Rosa, Californiar=0.9810yrs366
The marriage rate in Kansasr=0.9610yrs360
Popularity of the first name Taylorr=0.9810yrs352
The number of tax preparers in Iowar=0.997yrs352
The number of legislators in Wyomingr=0.987yrs352
The marriage rate in Tennesseer=0.9610yrs350
The number of cabinetmakers in Louisianar=0.987yrs350
Popularity of the first name Hunterr=0.9810yrs342
The marriage rate in Texasr=0.9610yrs340
Jet fuel used in Bosnia and Herzegovinar=0.9510yrs337
Eli Lilly and Company's stock price (LLY)r=0.938yrs334
Marsh & McLennan Companies' stock price (MMC)r=0.938yrs334
Popularity of the first name Cameronr=0.9810yrs332
Kerosene used in Eswatinir=0.9510yrs327
Arson in Rhode Islandr=0.9510yrs326
Number of Slot Machines in Nevadar=0.9310yrs323
Popularity of the first name Kelseyr=0.9810yrs322
Viewership count for Days of Our Livesr=0.9310yrs320
The distance between Neptune and Earthr=0.9510yrs320
NASA's budget as a percentage of the total US Federal Budgetr=0.9110yrs318
The distance between Neptune and the moonr=0.9410yrs318
US household spending on booksr=0.9510yrs318
Jet fuel used in North Macedoniar=0.9510yrs317
US household spending on processed fruitsr=0.9410yrs317
Annual US household spending on booksr=0.9310yrs316
US household spending on clothing for menr=0.9310yrs316
Runs scored by the Houston Astrosr=0.9110yrs314
Popularity of the first name Jaredr=0.9810yrs312
Kerosene used in Pakistanr=0.9510yrs307
Popularity of the first name Caseyr=0.9810yrs302
Arson in Connecticutr=0.9410yrs294
Popularity of the first name Caitlinr=0.9810yrs292
The marriage rate in New Hampshirer=0.9610yrs290
The number of janitors and cleaners in Massachusettsr=0.987yrs290
The number of computer programmers in Oregonr=0.977yrs280
The number of funeral attendants in Alabamar=0.977yrs268
Popularity of the first name Hollyr=0.9810yrs262
The marriage rate in Missourir=0.9510yrs258
The number of forging machine setters, operators, and tenders, metal and plastic in Californiar=0.977yrs258
Kerosene used in Argentinar=0.9510yrs257
Popularity of the first name Alexusr=0.9810yrs252
The number of surveying and mapping technicians in Connecticutr=0.977yrs248
Kerosene used in Indiar=0.9510yrs247
Popularity of the first name Dejar=0.9810yrs242
The number of welders in Hawaiir=0.977yrs238
Petroluem consumption in Zimbabwer=0.9510yrs237
Popularity of the first name Marcr=0.9810yrs232
The number of economists in Marylandr=0.977yrs228
Kerosene used in Bermudar=0.9410yrs226
Popularity of the first name Kristopherr=0.9810yrs222
The number of college mathematical science teachers in Oklahomar=0.977yrs218
Kerosene used in Egyptr=0.9410yrs216
Popularity of the first name Kelsier=0.9810yrs212
The divorce rate in Missourir=0.9510yrs210
Gasoline pumped in Zimbabwer=0.9410yrs206
Popularity of the first name Jacquelynr=0.9810yrs202
The number of survey researchers in Californiar=0.967yrs197
Kerosene used in Zimbabwer=0.9410yrs196
Popularity of the first name Britneyr=0.9810yrs192
The divorce rate in Illinoisr=0.9410yrs188
The number of couriers and messengers in Colorador=0.967yrs187
The divorce rate in Nebraskar=0.9410yrs178
The number of pipelayers in Louisianar=0.967yrs177
The divorce rate in Tennesseer=0.9410yrs168
The number of brickmasons in Alabamar=0.957yrs166
The number of automotive body repairers in Massachusettsr=0.957yrs156
Gasoline pumped in Djiboutir=0.9310yrs154
Gasoline pumped in Croatiar=0.9210yrs142
The divorce rate in Oregonr=0.9310yrs127
Gasoline pumped in Germanyr=0.9210yrs122


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You caught me! While it would be intuitive to sort only by "correlation," I have a big, weird database. If I sort only by correlation, often all the top results are from some one or two very large datasets (like the weather or labor statistics), and it overwhelms the page.

I can't show you *all* the correlations, because my database would get too large and this page would take a very long time to load. Instead I opt to show you a subset, and I sort them by a magic system score. It starts with the correlation, but penalizes variables that repeat from the same dataset. (It also gives a bonus to variables I happen to find interesting.)
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