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Data source: US Social Security Administration
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Popularity of the first name Brooklyn correlates with...

VariableCorrelationYearsHas img?
UFO sightings in Kentuckyr=0.9447yrsYes!
UFO sightings in Missourir=0.9447yrsNo
Total viewership of the Aviva Premiership Rugby finalr=0.9314yrsNo
UFO sightings in Indianar=0.9247yrsNo

Popularity of the first name Brooklyn also correlates with...

VariableCorrelationYearsSys. Score
Fossil fuel use in Ecuadorr=0.9642yrs434
Total Number of Successful Mount Everest Climbsr=0.9737yrs432
Petroluem consumption in Ecuadorr=0.9742yrs432
Petroluem consumption in Kuwaitr=0.9742yrs432
Organic Food Sales Volume in the United Statesr=0.9913yrs404
Patents granted to Toshibar=0.9712yrs404
Gasoline pumped in Mexicor=0.9643yrs402
Hotdogs consumed by Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Competition Championr=0.944yrs401
New York Times Fiction Best Sellersr=0.9240yrs398
Occidental Petroleum's stock price (OXY)r=0.9221yrs395
UFO sightings in North Carolinar=0.9547yrs393
UFO sightings in Californiar=0.9447yrs392
UFO sightings in Floridar=0.9447yrs392
Petroluem consumption in British Virgin Islandsr=0.9642yrs390
The number of nuclear medicine technologists in Washingtonr=0.9620yrs390
The number of secretaries in Arkansasr=0.9813yrs388
The number of secretaries in Colorador=0.9813yrs388
Annual count of part-time employees in the United Statesr=0.9333yrs388
Master's degrees awarded in gender studiesr=0.9810yrs386
Associates degrees awarded in Business operationsr=0.9711yrs384
Bachelor's degrees awarded in Theology and religious vocationsr=0.9710yrs384
Number of internet usersr=0.9324yrs382
Average milk produced per cow in the USr=0.8743yrs382
Gasoline pumped in Cyprusr=0.9642yrs380
Total Digital Music Single Downloadsr=0.9519yrs378
US Undergraduate Enrollmentr=0.9223yrs377
Yogurt consumptionr=0.9432yrs376
Customer satisfaction with Appler=0.928yrs370
Petroluem consumption in Solomon Islandsr=0.9642yrs370
USA Populationr=0.8948yrs368
United States' Fruit Juice Export Volumer=0.9313yrs368
Patents granted in the USr=0.8646yrs368
Total number of live births in Australiar=0.8748yrs364
UFO sightings in Michiganr=0.9447yrs362
Petroluem consumption in South Africar=0.9542yrs359
Air quality in Oxnard, Californiar=0.9143yrs358
The number of network systems administrators in Vermontr=0.9518yrs356
Average views of SciShow Space YouTube videosr=0.979yrs356
How insightful LockPickingLawyer YouTube video titles arer=0.978yrs356
Bachelor's degrees awarded in linguisticsr=0.9610yrs353
Air pollution in Clinton, Iowar=0.9137yrs352
Votes for Republican Senators in Nevadar=0.9115yrs349
Liquefied petroleum gas used in Thailandr=0.9542yrs349
The distance between Uranus and Saturnr=0.8848yrs348
The number of secretaries in Iowar=0.9713yrs346
Culinary Associates degrees awardedr=0.9511yrs341
The number of tax examiners and collectors, and revenue agents in Arizonar=0.9713yrs334
Gasoline pumped in British Virgin Islandsr=0.9635yrs334
UFO sightings in New Yorkr=0.9347yrs330
The number of secretaries in Montanar=0.9613yrs324
UFO sightings in New Jerseyr=0.9347yrs320
The number of orderlies in Tennesseer=0.9811yrs314
Number of Las Vegas Hotel Room Check-Insr=0.8939yrs312
UFO sightings in Tennesseer=0.9347yrs310
The price of goldr=0.8640yrs305
The number of first-line retail sales supervisors in Illinoisr=0.9613yrs303
Master's degrees awarded in linguisticsr=0.9510yrs302
Biomass power generated in Austriar=0.9542yrs302
UFO sightings in Pennsylvaniar=0.9247yrs298
Super Bowl TV viewershipr=0.8733yrs294
The number of executive administrative assistants in Iowar=0.9613yrs293
Electricity generation in El Salvadorr=0.9542yrs292
Associates degrees awarded in Accountingr=0.9511yrs291
UFO sightings in Georgiar=0.9247yrs288
Gasoline Prices in the USr=0.8533yrs285
The number of tax examiners and collectors, and revenue agents in New Yorkr=0.9613yrs283
Biomass power generated in Netherlandsr=0.9542yrs282
UFO sightings in Virginiar=0.9247yrs278
Number of households headed by single fathers in the United Statesr=0.8532yrs277
Total number of automotive recallsr=0.8348yrs275
Automotive recalls for issues with the Engine And Engine Coolingr=0.8348yrs274
The number of executive administrative assistants in North Dakotar=0.9513yrs272
Automotive recalls for issues with the Power Trainr=0.8248yrs272
Automotive recalls issued by Hondar=0.7948yrs272
Biomass power generated in Swedenr=0.9542yrs272
Automotive recalls issued by Nissan North Americar=0.7748yrs269
UFO sightings in Massachusettsr=0.9247yrs268
The number of labor relations specialists in Californiar=0.9711yrs262
Electricity generation in Trinidad and Tobagor=0.9542yrs262
The number of special education teachers in Alabamar=0.9611yrs251
Electricity generation in Antigua and Barbudar=0.9442yrs250
UFO sightings in Kansasr=0.9247yrs248
The number of nursing assistants in New Yorkr=0.9511yrs240
Electricity generation in British Virgin Islandsr=0.9442yrs240
UFO sightings in South Dakotar=0.9246yrs238
The number of nursing assistants in Ohior=0.9511yrs230
Fossil fuel use in British Virgin Islandsr=0.9442yrs230
UFO sightings in Washingtonr=0.9147yrs227
Renewable energy production in Central African Republicr=0.9442yrs220
UFO sightings in Illinoisr=0.9147yrs217
Hydopower energy generated in Central African Republicr=0.9442yrs210
UFO sightings in Mississippir=0.9147yrs207
UFO sightings in Marylandr=0.947yrs196
The number of power plant operators in Wyomingr=0.9419yrs196
The number of network systems administrators in Virginiar=0.9418yrs185
The number of rehabilitation counselors in Idahor=0.9220yrs174
The number of city bus drivers in Idahor=0.9120yrs164


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You caught me! While it would be intuitive to sort only by "correlation," I have a big, weird database. If I sort only by correlation, often all the top results are from some one or two very large datasets (like the weather or labor statistics), and it overwhelms the page.

I can't show you *all* the correlations, because my database would get too large and this page would take a very long time to load. Instead I opt to show you a subset, and I sort them by a magic system score. It starts with the correlation, but penalizes variables that repeat from the same dataset. (It also gives a bonus to variables I happen to find interesting.)
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