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Data source: Bureau of Labor Statistics
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Annual US household spending on home maintenance correlates with...

VariableCorrelationYearsHas img?
Humana's stock price (HUM)r=121yrsYes!
Roper Technologies' stock price (ROP)r=0.9921yrsNo
American Tower's stock price (AMT)r=0.9921yrsNo
Air Products and Chemicals' stock price (APD)r=0.9921yrsNo
Norfolk Southern's stock price (NSC)r=0.9921yrsNo
Amphenol's stock price (APH)r=0.9921yrsNo
Texas Instruments' stock price (TXN)r=0.9821yrsNo
SBA Communications' stock price (SBAC)r=0.9821yrsYes!
Total solar power generated globallyr=0.9822yrsNo
JPMorgan Chase & Co.'s stock price (JPM)r=0.9821yrsNo
Starbucks' stock price (SBUX)r=0.9821yrsNo
The Sherwin-Williams Company's stock price (SHW)r=0.9821yrsNo
Edwards Lifesciences' stock price (EW)r=0.9821yrsYes!
Netflix's stock price (NFLX)r=0.9720yrsYes!
The Procter & Gamble Company's stock price (PG)r=0.9721yrsNo
Amazon.com's stock price (AMZN)r=0.9721yrsNo
Rockwell Automation's stock price (ROK)r=0.9721yrsNo
Agilent Technologies' stock price (A)r=0.9721yrsNo
Costco Wholesale's stock price (COST)r=0.9721yrsNo
The Home Depot's stock price (HD)r=0.9621yrsNo
Nasdaq's stock price (NDAQ)r=0.9620yrsNo
The Hershey Company's stock price (HSY)r=0.9621yrsNo
United Rentals' stock price (URI)r=0.9521yrsNo
IDEXX Laboratories' stock price (IDXX)r=0.9421yrsYes!
Microsoft's stock price (MSFT)r=0.9321yrsYes!

Annual US household spending on home maintenance also correlates with...

VariableCorrelationYearsSys. Score
McDonald's stock price (MCD)r=0.9721yrs437
Average length of SmarterEveryDay YouTube videosr=0.9816yrs435
Average number of comments on Steve Mould's YouTube videosr=0.9514yrs428
Average length of LEMMiNO YouTube videosr=0.9611yrs427
Sales of LP/Vinyl Albumsr=0.9623yrs422
Google's Advertising Revenuer=0.9922yrs416
Google's annual advertising revenuer=0.9922yrs416
Google's Annual Global Revenuer=0.9921yrs416
Renewable energy production in Belarusr=0.9822yrs416
Wind power generated in Chiler=0.9821yrs416
Gender pay gap in the U.S.r=0.9622yrs415
Annual Revenue of Walt Disney Companyr=0.9523yrs414
Microsoft's Worldwide Earningsr=0.9821yrs414
US Wind Power Generation Capacityr=0.9523yrs412
Google searches for 'cold shower'r=0.9719yrs412
Google searches for 'when is new years'r=0.9719yrs412
Google searches for 'roblox'r=0.9915yrs411
Google's Net Incomer=0.9619yrs409
Global Puma Salesr=0.9717yrs408
Paypal's Number of Active Registered User Accountsr=0.9913yrs408
US GDP per capitar=0.9714yrs406
US edible fishery product importsr=0.9517yrs406
Automotive recalls issued by Volkswagen Group of Americar=0.9323yrs403
Patents granted to Dellr=0.9611yrs401
American cheese consumptionr=0.9622yrs400
American-type cheese consumptionr=0.9622yrs400
Motor vehicle thefts in South Dakotar=0.9523yrs399
Automotive recalls issued by Mercedes-Benz USAr=0.923yrs398
UnitedHealth Group's stock price (UNH)r=0.9921yrs396
Popularity of the first name Ezequielr=0.9923yrs396
Popularity of the first name Leilanir=0.9923yrs396
Popularity of the first name Waylonr=0.9923yrs396
The number of insurance sales agents in North Carolinar=0.9920yrs394
The number of transportation workers in Texasr=0.9920yrs394
Walmart's stock price (WMT)r=0.9521yrs386
Nuclear power generation in Chinar=0.9822yrs386
Google searches for 'sushi near me'r=0.9619yrs380
Solar power generated in Eritrear=0.9822yrs376
Google searches for 'who is alexa'r=0.9716yrs369
Total comments on Steve Mould's YouTube videosr=0.9414yrs367
NextEra Energy's stock price (NEE)r=0.9921yrs366
Biomass power generated in Japanr=0.9822yrs366
Popularity of the first name Theodorer=0.9823yrs364
Google searches for 'how to learn python'r=0.9716yrs359
Stryker's stock price (SYK)r=0.9921yrs356
Solar power generated in United Statesr=0.9822yrs356
The average number of likes on Steve Mould's YouTube videosr=0.9314yrs356
Popularity of the first name Josier=0.9823yrs354
Google searches for 'whatsapp'r=0.9913yrs349
Elevance Health's stock price (ELV)r=0.9921yrs346
Average number of comments on Technology Connections YouTube videosr=0.978yrs346
Total wind power generated globallyr=0.9722yrs345
Popularity of the first name Mylesr=0.9823yrs344
Amazon's shipping revenue in millions of dollarsr=0.9511yrs341
Google searches for 'takeout near me'r=0.9518yrs338
Automatic Data Processing's stock price (ADP)r=0.9921yrs336
Renewable energy production in Australiar=0.9722yrs335
Popularity of the first name Beaur=0.9823yrs334
Total likes of Steve Mould's YouTube videosr=0.9214yrs334
Solar power generated in Austriar=0.9722yrs325
Google searches for 'reddit'r=0.9515yrs325
Popularity of the first name Irisr=0.9823yrs324
Total length of Steve Mould's YouTube videosr=0.9214yrs324
Solar power generated in Bangladeshr=0.9722yrs315
Google searches for 'elon musk'r=0.9613yrs314
Popularity of the first name Kair=0.9823yrs314
CSX Corporation's stock price (CSX)r=0.9921yrs306
Wind power generated in Belgiumr=0.9722yrs305
Google searches for 'restaurant near me'r=0.9612yrs304
Popularity of the first name Riverr=0.9823yrs304
The number of Breweries in the United Statesr=0.9623yrs300
Solar power generated in Chinar=0.9722yrs295
Popularity of the first name Brooksr=0.9823yrs294
Google searches for 'how to move to europe'r=0.919yrs288
Wind power generated in Chinar=0.9722yrs285
Popularity of the first name Astridr=0.9823yrs284
Republic Services' stock price (RSG)r=0.9921yrs276
Electricity generation in Comorosr=0.9722yrs275
Google searches for 'i have a headache'r=0.9219yrs274
Popularity of the first name Denverr=0.9823yrs274
Wind power generated in Luxembourgr=0.9722yrs265
Popularity of the first name Sunnyr=0.9823yrs264
Church & Dwight Co.'s stock price (CHD)r=0.9921yrs256
Solar power generated in South Korear=0.9722yrs255
Popularity of the first name Sonnyr=0.9823yrs254
McCormick & Company's stock price (MKC)r=0.9921yrs246
Solar power generated in Switzerlandr=0.9722yrs245
Popularity of the first name Nicor=0.9823yrs244
Geothermal power generated in Turkiyer=0.9722yrs235
Popularity of the first name Nikor=0.9823yrs234
Wind power generated in Turkiyer=0.9722yrs225


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You caught me! While it would be intuitive to sort only by "correlation," I have a big, weird database. If I sort only by correlation, often all the top results are from some one or two very large datasets (like the weather or labor statistics), and it overwhelms the page.

I can't show you *all* the correlations, because my database would get too large and this page would take a very long time to load. Instead I opt to show you a subset, and I sort them by a magic system score. It starts with the correlation, but penalizes variables that repeat from the same dataset. (It also gives a bonus to variables I happen to find interesting.)
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