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Data source: LSEG Analytics (Refinitiv)
Additional Info: Via Microsoft Excel Stockhistory function

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Boston Scientific's stock price (BSX) correlates with...

VariableCorrelationYearsHas img?
Associates degrees awarded in Fine and studio artsr=0.9811yrsNo
Solar power generated in Lebanonr=0.9712yrsYes!
Solar power generated in Namibiar=0.9612yrsNo
Google searches for 'roblox'r=0.9516yrsNo
Popularity of the 'spiderman pointing' memer=0.9218yrsNo
Annual US household spending on beefr=0.8421yrsYes!

Boston Scientific's stock price (BSX) also correlates with...

VariableCorrelationYearsSys. Score
Associates degrees awarded in Mathematics and statisticsr=0.9711yrs424
Associates degrees awarded in Social sciences and historyr=0.9711yrs424
Google searches for 'avocado toast'r=0.9516yrs406
Wind power generated in Vietnamr=0.9514yrs404
Patents granted to Dellr=0.9811yrs404
Paypal's Number of Active Registered User Accountsr=0.9613yrs403
Associates degrees awarded in Social sciencesr=0.9711yrs394
Total length of Steve Mould's YouTube videosr=0.9615yrs391
The number of flight attendants in Colorador=0.9616yrs386
The number of secretaries in Guamr=0.9713yrs386
Bachelor's degrees awarded in Mathematics and statisticsr=0.9710yrs384
The number of school teachers in Arkansasr=0.9613yrs384
Google searches for '3Blue1Brown'r=0.9517yrs377
Bachelor's degrees awarded in interdisciplinary studiesr=0.9710yrs374
Solar power generated in Tunisiar=0.9512yrs372
Patents granted to Samsung Electronicsr=0.9512yrs370
Master's degrees awarded in Mathematics and statisticsr=0.9710yrs364
Solar power generated in Costa Ricar=0.9511yrs361
Total comments on Steve Mould's YouTube videosr=0.9515yrs360
Total views on MrBeast's YouTube videosr=0.9112yrs360
The number of social workers in Oregonr=0.9713yrs354
Bachelor's degrees awarded in information sciencesr=0.9610yrs353
Google searches for 'how to learn python'r=0.9417yrs346
Popularity of the 'this is fine' memer=0.8918yrs345
The number of nurse practitioners in Georgiar=0.9811yrs344
Associates degrees awarded in linguisticsr=0.9611yrs342
Popularity of the 'wojak' memer=0.8718yrs342
US GDP per capitar=0.914yrs335
The number of market research analysts in Illinoisr=0.9811yrs334
Google searches for 'reddit'r=0.9416yrs334
Patents granted to Toyotar=0.9112yrs334
Associates degrees awarded in Historyr=0.9611yrs332
Average length of SmarterEveryDay YouTube videosr=0.9317yrs328
The number of movies Ian Holm appeared inr=0.8813yrs328
The number of phlebotomists in Oklahomar=0.9711yrs324
Google searches for 'instagram'r=0.9513yrs323
Renewable energy production in Antigua and Barbudar=0.9512yrs322
Associates degrees awarded in literaturer=0.9511yrs321
Global Rice Consumptionr=0.8614yrs319
Average length of PBS Space Time YouTube videosr=0.969yrs315
The number of market research analysts in Washingtonr=0.9811yrs314
Google searches for 'restaurant near me'r=0.9513yrs313
Solar power generated in Antigua and Barbudar=0.9512yrs312
Associates degrees awarded in Science technologiesr=0.9511yrs311
Popularity of the 'this is fine' memer=0.8618yrs310
The number of human resources specialists in Guamr=0.9811yrs304
Total likes of The Game Theorists YouTube videosr=0.9115yrs304
Renewable energy production in Barbadosr=0.9512yrs302
Google searches for 'who is alexa'r=0.9117yrs301
The number of first-line supervisors of police and detectives in Iowar=0.9613yrs293
Solar power generated in Barbadosr=0.9512yrs292
Google searches for 'whatsapp'r=0.9314yrs291
The number of compliance officers in Oregonr=0.9613yrs283
Wind power generated in Dominican Republicr=0.9413yrs282
Google searches for 'my cat scratched me'r=0.916yrs278
Master's degrees awarded in Biological and biomedical sciencesr=0.9610yrs273
The number of compliance officers in Floridar=0.9513yrs272
Solar power generated in Maltar=0.9413yrs272
Master's degrees awarded in Health professions and related programsr=0.9510yrs262
The number of market research analysts in Arizonar=0.9711yrs262
Solar power generated in New Zealandr=0.9315yrs262
Average length of Numberphile YouTube videosr=0.9113yrs262
The number of computer user support specialists in Colorador=0.9711yrs252
Wind power generated in Uruguayr=0.9414yrs252
The average number of likes on Mark Rober YouTube videosr=0.9113yrs252
Number of public school students in 8th grader=0.8421yrs251
US average dairy skim-solid content of fluid beverage milkr=0.8520yrs246
The number of market research analysts in Floridar=0.9711yrs242
Average length of Computerphile YouTube videosr=0.9311yrs242
Popularity of the first name Shayr=0.8121yrs242
Solar power generated in Ghanar=0.969yrs240
Google searches for 'why do i have a migraine'r=0.8820yrs240
The number of human resources specialists in Illinoisr=0.9711yrs232
Solar power generated in Hong Kongr=0.9313yrs230
Total likes of Tom Scott's YouTube videosr=0.8915yrs230
The number of nurse practitioners in Illinoisr=0.9711yrs222
Solar power generated in Malawir=0.9412yrs220
Associates degrees awarded in Communicationr=0.9411yrs220
The number of market research analysts in Louisianar=0.9711yrs212
Solar power generated in Panamar=0.9510yrs210
Associates degrees awarded in Philosophy and religious studiesr=0.9411yrs210
Total views on Mark Rober YouTube videosr=0.8713yrs206
The number of nurse practitioners in Mississippir=0.9711yrs202
Associates degrees awarded in Psychologyr=0.9411yrs200
Solar power generated in Rwandar=0.9115yrs199
Average views of MrBeast's YouTube videosr=0.8812yrs196
Google searches for 'elon musk'r=0.8814yrs194
The number of market research analysts in West Virginiar=0.9711yrs192
Associates degrees awarded in Music and dancer=0.9411yrs190
Solar power generated in Israelr=0.9213yrs188
How professional-sounding MrBeast's YouTube video titles arer=0.8612yrs183
Bachelor's degrees awarded in biomedical sciencesr=0.9410yrs180
Biomass power generated in Philippinesr=0.9213yrs178
Bachelor's degrees awarded in Engineeringr=0.9410yrs170
Average number of comments on Technology Connections YouTube videosr=0.939yrs170


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You caught me! While it would be intuitive to sort only by "correlation," I have a big, weird database. If I sort only by correlation, often all the top results are from some one or two very large datasets (like the weather or labor statistics), and it overwhelms the page.

I can't show you *all* the correlations, because my database would get too large and this page would take a very long time to load. Instead I opt to show you a subset, and I sort them by a magic system score. It starts with the correlation, but penalizes variables that repeat from the same dataset. (It also gives a bonus to variables I happen to find interesting.)
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