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Data source: Bureau of Larbor Statistics
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The number of library assistants in North Dakota correlates with...

VariableCorrelationYearsHas img?
Petroluem consumption in Norwayr=0.719yrsYes!
xkcd comics published about programmingr=0.6615yrsYes!

The number of library assistants in North Dakota also correlates with...

VariableCorrelationYearsSys. Score
How professional-sounding Computerphile YouTube video titles arer=0.869yrs265
How professional-sounding LockPickingLawyer YouTube video titles arer=0.847yrs155
Average views of Extra History YouTube videosr=0.8110yrs154
Electricity generation in Czechiar=0.6719yrs137
Bloomberg Money Stuff articles about bitcoinr=0.758yrs136
Jet fuel used in Irelandr=0.6819yrs136
US Sales of Artificial Christmas Treesr=0.6715yrs132
The number of movies John Boyega appeared inr=0.6511yrs132
Miss World's Ager=0.6319yrs130
Frozen yogurt consumptionr=0.5819yrs130
xkcd comics published about hobbiesr=0.6215yrs130
The number of movies Saoirse Ronan appeared inr=0.6115yrs130
Baker Hughes Company's stock price (BKR)r=0.619yrs125
Popularity of the first name Bayleyr=0.6119yrs125
The number of movies Rachel Weisz appeared inr=0.5519yrs125
Popularity of the first name Vincentr=0.5919yrs122
US household spending on public transportationr=0.5819yrs122
Popularity of the first name Zaner=0.5819yrs120
Average number of comments on Extra History YouTube videosr=0.7810yrs119
Total Runs Scored by Chicago Cubs Team in National League (Central and East Division)r=0.5519yrs118
Worldwide revenue from Harley Davidson motorcyclesr=0.6311yrs118
xkcd comics published about nostalgiar=0.5415yrs118
US Highway Vehicle Gasoline Consumptionr=0.5418yrs115
Visitors to Disney Worlds Magic Kingdomr=0.5515yrs114
Google searches for 'boujee'r=0.676yrs114
PG&E's stock price (PCG)r=0.5319yrs114
Annual US household spending on clothin for womenr=0.5319yrs114
Passenger traffic at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airportr=0.4819yrs113
General Electric's stock price (GE)r=0.519yrs113
Customer satisfaction with Walgreensr=0.5316yrs113
Annual US household spending on clothingr=0.5219yrs113
Annual US household spending on clothing for menr=0.5219yrs113
US Employment Rater=0.5119yrs112
British Open Golf Championship winner's scorer=0.519yrs110
Number of Automotive Franchise Establishments in the USr=0.668yrs110
Annual US household spending on public transportationr=0.519yrs110
Visitors to Disneylandr=0.5215yrs109
Golden State Warriors' Seasonal Total Winsr=0.4919yrs108
Number of Miss World delegatesr=0.4819yrs107
Afghanistan's Estimated Opium Productionr=0.4719yrs106
How good LockPickingLawyer YouTube video titles arer=0.787yrs106
Jet fuel used in Jamaicar=0.6819yrs106
Total annual cinema attendance in the UKr=0.4619yrs104
Master's degrees awarded in Physical sciencesr=0.5710yrs104
Jet fuel used in Greecer=0.6519yrs91
How geeky SciShow Space YouTube video titles arer=0.748yrs91
Popularity of the first name Ashar=0.5819yrs90
Movie Releases in the US & Canadar=0.5419yrs89
Petroluem consumption in Netherlands Antillesr=0.6519yrs81
ORIX Corporation's stock price (IX)r=0.519yrs80
The average number of likes on Extra History YouTube videosr=0.7110yrs78
Number of Movies Released Annuallyr=0.5419yrs76
Popularity of the first name Isabeller=0.5519yrs76
Kobe Bryant's total free throw count in NBA regular seasonr=0.5812yrs72
Jet fuel used in Sloveniar=0.6519yrs71
ING Groep's stock price (ING)r=0.4919yrs68
How provocative Computerphile YouTube video titles arer=0.719yrs68
Popularity of the first name Carsonr=0.5419yrs64
The number of movies Sidney Poitier appeared inr=0.4819yrs64
Jet fuel used in Israelr=0.6419yrs60
Total length of MrBeast's YouTube videosr=0.710yrs57
UBS Group AG's stock price (UBS)r=0.4719yrs56
Popularity of the first name Loganr=0.5319yrs53
The number of movies Daisy Ridley appeared inr=0.599yrs51
Electricity generation in Germanyr=0.6119yrs48
Total views on Extra History YouTube videosr=0.710yrs47
Popularity of the first name Jewelr=0.5319yrs43
Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group's stock price (SMFG)r=0.4718yrs43
Jet fuel used in Greenlandr=0.6219yrs36
The number of movies Adam Driver appeared inr=0.5312yrs35
How geeky minutephysics YouTube video titles arer=0.6711yrs34
Popularity of the first name Rodrigor=0.5119yrs30
Liquefied petroleum gas used in Equatorial Guinear=0.6119yrs25
The number of movies Joan Crawford appeared inr=0.515yrs24
Popularity of the first name Abdulr=0.5119yrs20
How professional-sounding Technology Connections YouTube video titles arer=0.727yrs17
Gasoline pumped in United Statesr=0.6119yrs15
Popularity of the first name Savannahr=0.519yrs8
How nerdy LockPickingLawyer YouTube video titles arer=0.717yrs6
Jet fuel used in Mauritiusr=0.619yrs4
Popularity of the first name Joannar=0.4919yrs-3
Average number of comments on CGP Grey YouTube videosr=0.6211yrs-4
Jet fuel used in Netherlandsr=0.619yrs-6
Popularity of the first name Harlier=0.4919yrs-13
Jet fuel used in United Statesr=0.619yrs-16
How fun SciShow Space YouTube video titles arer=0.698yrs-17
Popularity of the first name Sarair=0.4819yrs-24
Jet fuel used in Estoniar=0.5919yrs-28
How geeky Technology Connections YouTube video titles arer=0.687yrs-29
Popularity of the first name Baileer=0.4719yrs-36
Jet fuel used in Italyr=0.5919yrs-38
Average length of LockPickingLawyer YouTube videosr=0.687yrs-39
Gasoline pumped in New Zealandr=0.5919yrs-48
Popularity of the first name Zariar=0.4619yrs-48
How geeky LockPickingLawyer YouTube video titles arer=0.667yrs-52
Jet fuel used in Spainr=0.5919yrs-58
Total length of LockPickingLawyer YouTube videosr=0.667yrs-62
Jet fuel used in Germanyr=0.5819yrs-70
Average length of MrBeast's YouTube videosr=0.6310yrs-74


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You caught me! While it would be intuitive to sort only by "correlation," I have a big, weird database. If I sort only by correlation, often all the top results are from some one or two very large datasets (like the weather or labor statistics), and it overwhelms the page.

I can't show you *all* the correlations, because my database would get too large and this page would take a very long time to load. Instead I opt to show you a subset, and I sort them by a magic system score. It starts with the correlation, but penalizes variables that repeat from the same dataset. (It also gives a bonus to variables I happen to find interesting.)
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