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You can copy my charts!

I release all the images and charts on under a Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution license. This means that you can:

As long as you provide attribution.

Here are some examples of things you are completely allowed and encouraged to do with my charts:

Again, to be clear: you are allowed and encouraged to do all these things. Go wild. You technically don't need any more of my permission except for this page, but if your editor insists then see below.


Attribution can take many forms. You are free to use the form that makes the most sense given the context of your work. You just need to cite "Tyler Vigen" or reference my site somewhere. If you download an image as-is, it already has all the attribution it needs built-in (the part that says "").

For the record, I am just one person. Tyler Vigen, he/him/his. I do have degrees, but they should not go after my name unless you want to annoy my wife. If that is your goal, then go ahead and cite me as "Tyler Vigen, A.A. A.A.S. B.A. J.D." Otherwise it is just "Tyler Vigen."

Here are some examples of attribution that I considered perfectly acceptable:

When spoken, my last name is pronounced "vegan," like I don't eat meat.

Written permission

I use an open license for the content on this site. The goal is to make the content easy for anyone to reuse. That should be all you need to freely reuse the charts, images, and other content in your own work. You don't need to email me to ask for permission.

However, I know that many lawyers, editors, and publishers are skiddish when it comes to copyright. If you need a signed release form, here are four options.

1: Download a pre-signed PDF

Here is a downloadable pre-signed PDF granting you permission to use the charts.

2: Generate a PDF with your name and date

Fill out this form with your name (or your organization's name). It will generate a signed and dated permission-granting form for you.

Your name:
Confirm you are a human:

3: Upload a release form for me to sign

If your publisher requires me to sign their release form, fear not. Upload a PDF of the release form you need signed.

On the next page, I'll ask you to click on the spot where my signature is required. My script will sign your PDF automatically.

I bet this is the fastest you will ever get a release form signed.

Upload PDF:
Confirm you are a human:

4: Email me

If the above options don't work, you can always email me at I don't mind you emailing me, I am just slow to respond to emails. That's why I went to the trouble of writing a script that signs release forms on my behalf.

If you do email me asking to sign a release form, please mention that you tried the other options on this page. Otherwise I will probably just point you to this page.